HP contracting with 30-year experience, since 1989.

Normiputki Oy is your reliable partner in the capital region. Our more than a dozen well-equipped maintenance vehicles ensure that we provide support for your building any time, day or night. Our services encompass both commercial and private heating and piping installation, maintenance and emergency repairs. Our field of operations also includes renovations and small-scale construction contracting.

Expert - Comprehensive experience in HP installation and maintenance. Normiputki is a reliable partner for private clients, commercial companies and housing companies. Our plumbers are first-class professionals for whom meticulous HP work and achieving the best final result for the client are a matter of honour.

Normiputki Oy got its start in 1989 when Jari Enckell and Sami Hämäläinen established the company, beginning HP installations through their own company. 

Among Normiputki's first clients included the Postal and Telecommunications Authority and Haka (Finland's largest construction company at the time), soon joined by many others. Since then, the group of satisfied customers has grown and we continue to focus our services on the capital region. 

Focus on day-to-day HP maintenance

During 1994–1996 business operations started shifting towards primarily maintenance services. By 2000, 80% of our volume of business was comprised of day-to-day maintenance and small residential renovations.
In 2003, development work was started on a operations management system known as Fajanssi, at the initiative and under the direction of Jari Enckell. The goal and the final outcome was improved transfer of on-site work information, faster completion of jobs, the automation of documentation and invoicing, and improved customer care. The system's first, text-based version was taken into use during the summer of 2004. On January 1, 2016, the old Fajanssi was replaced by a new Hillava work and resources management system which is a major technical advanced superior to competing systems. Although new, it also contains our entire old database which customers can still still take advantage of.

Progressive business model ensures transparency

Normiputki created and adopted a new business operations model in which mobile-managed operations are made more transparent for the company, society and the company's customers. All the company's vehicles and installers have mobile connections to the Hillava system which automatically measures used work time and kilometres driven, thus eliminating any abuses, that is "padding" of hours. No paper forms or work orders have been used by the company for years. 

It unlikely that any of Normiputki’s competitors operate in such a transparent manner. 

Normiputki in future

In the future, we want to continue to be the leading company in the capital region for small works and on-call fault services. For this reason, we have started, for example, offering pipe coating as part of our maintenance service concept. Smaller-scale coating work can be carried out in connectionwith other hourly-rate based piping work when the customer cannot afford meet major pipe coating expenses. This means that the pipe coater and the plumberare one and the same person. This creates efficiency and facilitates situationswhen it is sensible to use coating as as part of other piping renovations.

Normiputki documentation of maintenance work for housing companies meets new legal requirements 

We use our mobile system to document all the phases of the piping work you commission, directly from on site and store all documentation to a server for your possible later use. If needed, we automatically transfer this data to your own housing company accounting. Thus, the legal requirement to document all maintenance work for housing companies that came into force in the summer of 2010 will cause you no extra efforts, as far as for piping works.

Mobile system benefits for Normiputki's customers

Our real-time, comprehensive management of the order-delivery chain-saves the customer time and money. The order can include photographs, documents or videos direct from on-site during repairs. If needed, any before-after situation can be documented. This facilitates and speeds, for example, proving
documentation for insurance claims. This is all available in real-time and
without extra charge. Use of the system as a documentation service is automatically made available to our maintenance clients. Information on the progress of any job is available in real-time, including by text messaging and email.