Looking for a job in HP? Apply to Normiputki!

Normiputki Oy is always interested in vocational-school trained HPAC installers. If you've done your national service, you have at least two years' work experience in piping, value independent work, have a driving license, you may be the employee we are looking for. Previous experience in HP maintenance is a major advantage. 

Normiputki meets today's demands

As a employer, Normiputki Oy is extremely flexible and modern. We use the market's overwhelmingly most agile and versatile operations management system which guarantees that our installers have a completely new level of freedom to do their jobs. On the other hand, because of the system used, quality assurance of the work done is precise, and we demand high work morale of our employees and the ability to always act in the best interests of our customers.

An HPAC job in Vantaa could be yours

If the above grabbed your attention, send us a free-form application and possibly a CV to : info@normiputki.fi